In order to provide you with the ultimate IT solution, QuantumIT holds strong links with a number of significant technology providers aligned to our consulting services. Clients benefit from our ability to leverage our technology provider’s expertise when delivering services which ensure a successful outcome.


Quantum is a Cisco Partner with a focus on the provision of leading technologies for their Smart and Connected Communities solutions. In addition to providing a range of world leading technologies Quantum also provides ongoing support and systems integration, solution architecture, application deployment and training.

SQL Stream

SQLstream’s Stream Processors automate business processes using real-time analytics from unstructured sensor, log, and other machine-generated Big Data streams. SQLstream is the recipient of leading industry awards, including the Ventana Research Technology Innovation Award for IT Analytics and Performance.
Quantum IT are specially trained and certified to unlock the value of your unstructured log file, sensor, network and other machine-generated data, giving you the new levels of visibility and insight required to drive real-time, automated actions.

Mojo Analytics

With expertise in integration and delivery of biometrics solutions, data analytics, intelligence processing/exploitation/dissemination and social network analysis, Mojo Analytics is uniquely poised to design, develop and deliver end-to-end solutions that address intricate problems in a complex threat environment.
Mojo’s team of engineers and scientists has decades of experience in making the impossible possible and the difficult easy, with innovative technologies for solving problems and user interfaces that make it easy for users to understand what they’re seeing. From law enforcement to Special Operations, Mojo’s products and solutions lead the way.

Astrata Group

Quantum has been working with Astrata since 2012 with a focus on world leading Telematics and High Precision Location Based Services solutions for Military, Police, Fire and other Mission Critical Applications.
Through the integration of the world’s most advanced high precision location tracking devices that operate without the need for GPS or Reference Beacons, the customised solutions have application across a number of verticals including defence (for Drone and UAV navigation), Autonomous Vehicle guidance and navigation systems, covert tracking and various Military applications.

iSAP Solutions

Quantum is an iSAP Partner and provides CCTV aggregation solutions for Government and Enterprise Clients. As the focus on fully integrated Security Platforms increases to address the issues caused by disparate CCTV systems that fail to provide an integrated view of the Community, the iSAP solutions have been proven to be the leaders in their field and have deployed solutions across Asia and the USA that aggregate the Video feeds from more than 80,000 CCTV Cameras. With the integration of the world most advanced facial recognition and video analytics capabilities, the iSAP solutions provide unique functionality and benefits.


Advanced biometric facial recognition technology Imagus provides the core technology for advanced real-time systems that reliably detect and identify human beings with minimal effott using low-quality and low-cost commodity hardware such as CCTV cameras, webcams and phones. Samples can be captured unobtrusively from a distance and/or in motion, while the technology is simultaneously insensitive to pose, illumination, expression, focus, motion blur and misalignment. Implemented as an independent application, or seamlessly integrated into new or existing biometric solutions, the Imagus FR technology can operate in real-time from mobile smart-phone platforms, with servers and on desktop computer platforms.


Oracle is one of the world’s largest enterprise software company and QuantumIT is proud to be a professional partner.


Microsoft Gold Partner
Arguably the world’s largest developer of client-side and server-side software, Microsoft operates a strong and extensive partner program. QuantumIT is a proud member of the program and can pass on the benefits to its customers. Microsoft Gold Certified Partners are Microsoft’s most highly accredited independent technical providers and offer a comprehensive range of support for Microsoft and multi-vendor products. QuantumIT are Gold Partners for Data Analytics and Silver Partners for Data Platform.

SAP Business Objects

Business Objects, an SAP company, is one of the world’s leaders in Business Intelligence Software. QuantumIT is proud to be an extended business partner.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer a broad range of cloud based services. QuantumIT is a proud business partner and we are able to provide assistance and guidance across the range of AWS offerings. In particular we specialise in AWS Redshift which is a massive parallel processing (MPP) data warehouse solution.


VoltDB is the in-memory NewSQL database built to solve this challenge and power the next generation of data-intensive applications that rely on fast, smart data. VoltDB provides fast data ingestion and export with massive scalability, real-time analytics, and data enrichment ‒ enabling businesses to gain that significant, competitive advantage in both on premises and cloud environments. As an ACID-compliant RDBMS which uses a shared nothing architecture, it is architected to meet the distinct requirements of fast data, which leads to Big Data. Organizations in markets such as mobile, financial services, energy, advertising, security and gaming rely on VoltDB to process smart data fast to capture new revenue opportunities, drive competitive advantage and create highly-specialized interactions. QuantumIT is a VoltDB Certified Partner.