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InPlace, is an on-line web based solution for allocating and managing students in work placements. It allows all users (universities, employees, students) to log into a single fully integrated system showing a consistent and current view of all placement related activity.
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InPlace Network

InPlace Network - 2014
InPlace Network is the all in one solution for placement providers (agencies/employers, such as government, hospital or school networks), streamlining the complex business of placement management to save time, severely reduce risks and manage your workforce of the future.
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QIA (QuantumIT Impact Analysis)

QIA (QuantumIT Impact Analysis), A metadata management solution that generates and maintains a code and object repository enabling quick identification of code scripts that reference specified objects, inconsistencies between database environments, and code dependency analysis.
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SMART (QuantumIT Data Management)

SMART (QuantumIT Data Management), supports data warehouse and data migration projects with a solution and methodology for job scheduling, extracting, profiling, cleansing and transforming data. Improve implementation quality and timeframes, leveraging functions and a methodology driven by metadata, not custom built code.
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