What is QuantumIT Impact Analysis (QIA)?

QIA is a metadata management solution that generates and maintains a code and object repository enabling quick identification of code scripts that reference specified objects, inconsistencies between database environments, and code dependency analysis. The utility does this by capturing, parsing and storing an end to end view of a data warehouse and reporting deployment and provides a reporting utility that shows how data is extracted, transformed, loaded, processed through presentation structures and reported. In a support or development environment, the tool provides an intuitive interface that allows upstream or downstream analysis to be performed on batch schedules, ETL, database objects and reports. QIA Solution:
  • Metadata management tools designed and built to cater for database code libraries, ETL and BI software tools
  • Creates a metadata repository analysis of the impact of changes to database objects
  • Provides a decisive end to end picture of a business intelligence solution covering;
  • Batch Schedule
  • ETL process
  • Data warehouse structure (tables impacted), and;
  • Reporting process  (tables accessed)
  • Tracks structural changes between databases schemas
The impact analysis tool provides support and development units with;
  • Centralised repository containing database, data warehouse and reporting metadata  repository
  • Intuitive solution to permit  faster recovery of failed warehouse jobs
  • Cost effectiveness – less staff to perform impact analysis during support and development
  • Aids future design and build quality and greater accuracy surrounding  development estimate