Design and development based on a re-usable and configurable framework

QuantumIT have a high degree of expertise in Web based application development.   We have consultants who are considered leaders in application design, development and support and we utilise their expertise across multiple projects and clients to ensure we bring lessons learnt, best practice and improve the support service provided to our customers.

Industry related projects include:
  • Higher Education
  • Airlines
  • Communications
  • Marketing

QuantumIT is able to guarantee high quality and efficient application build and support of its systems for three key reasons:

The Team

We have a core team of loyal and highly skilled staff that will be available to deploy, support and enhance the system.

Company Culture

Company policy and culture is to design quality solutions that are flexible and configurable to minimise maintenance, and robust and automated to minimise day-to-day support.

Understand the Business Purpose

Our project approach to systems design is to ensure we understand the business purpose of the application – the result of this is more efficient support and success for the customer.