Methodology and tool to cater for any data migration need

QuantumIT understands and recognises the special requirements of data migration projects and has a long history of delivering functional and reconciled projects on time and budget. To assist businesses in the effective delivery of data migration projects, QuantumIT provides experienced professionals and specialised methodologies and tools to deal with any data migration need.

QuantumIT can help you achieve best practice on your migration project by providing:
  • Data Migration strategy services
  • Project Management
  • Business, data and process analysis services
  • Development services
  • A specialised data migration methodology and toolset (SMART).

Using QuantumITs migration methodology, project work can be quantified to allow for more accurate estimation and progress monitoring. This includes everything from legacy system data extraction, through data remediation, target system upload, and final end-to-end reconciliation. Projects can be incrementally delivered as migration development is iterative, occurring per functional area.


Highlights of the QuantumIT SMART data migration toolset include:

A central metadata repository maintains all source and target system information and drives all processing. This helps guarantee the accuracy and integrity of data pushed to the target application. Further to this, modules exist to auto-populate the metadata repository directly from client applications.
All jobs are configured within a cycle that fully automates the end-to-end migration process. A configurable job execution module invokes processes, organises and monitors jobs to simplify scheduling and dependency assignment, whilst also supporting detailed performance reporting. The toolset also provides auto-generation options for the configuration of data validation rules, data reconciliation points, data feeds (both pulling and pushing), as well as testing scenarios.
A profiling engine assesses source data in order to review important data characteristics such as quality, suitability for repurposing, alignment with legacy or target metadata, and also aids in the identification of integration risks and derivation of source-to-target entity and attribute mappings.
The solution incorporates a flexible and efficient data transformation engine for converting any amount of source data to target structures.
A suite of reports are supplied to provide visibility of all areas of the project including configuration, execution, and project status reporting. Ad hoc or customised reports can also be developed and added at any time.

The SMART toolset provides an all-in-one, fully integrated data migration solution incorporating all the components needed to deliver a clean, working set of target applications. Every step in the process is automated and repeatable, ensuring that both the size of the task and the progress to date are completely visible to those that need it.

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