A platform enabling businesses with more efficient decision making

QuantumIT has specialised in the strategy, design and delivery of Data Warehouse and corporate performance analysis systems since 1993. Our focus is delivering solutions that better enable our customers with a platform that provides more efficient and better decision making. For example,
  • We have enabled a large insurance company with communication capability, to better inform, serve and ultimately retain and grow their membership base
  • We created an integrated repository and process that identifies, quantifies, resolves and prevents revenue loss resulting from weaknesses in the revenue event capture and presentation process for a large telecommunications customer
  • For a large financial institute we created a data warehouse to capture information that permits the monitoring of key business metrics to improve banker decision making

The industry best Methodology

Our approach to data warehouse projects is to use industry best practice design and to leverage as much as possible QuantumIT methodology and development intellectual property. The timeframes, quality and cost of our customer projects greatly benefit from:
  • The proven and tested data warehouse and ETL framework that QuantumIT has developed and utilised over the past years
  • The experience and depth of our data warehouse and business intelligence expertise. QuantumIT employ a highly skilled team of consultants that have many years practical experience working with some of Australia’s largest and most demanding businesses
Company policy is to design quality solutions based on industry standards that are robust, flexible and configurable to minimise maintenance and automated to minimise day-to-day support

Interested in Data Warehousing?

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By providing data from various sources, managers and executives will no longer need to make business decisions based on limited data or their gut.
Since business users can quickly access critical data from a number of sources—all in one place—they can rapidly make informed decisions on key initiatives. They won’t waste precious time retrieving data from multiple sources – with little to no support from IT.
A data warehouse implementation includes the conversion of  data from numerous source systems  into a common format.  Since each data from the various departments is standardized, each department will produce results that are in line with all the other departments. So you can have more confidence in the accuracy of your data. And accurate data is the basis for strong business decisions.
A data warehouse stores large amounts of historical data so you can analyse different time periods and trends in order to make future predictions. Such data typically cannot be stored in a transactional database or used to generate reports from a transactional system.